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Would Your Partner Pass the Cheating Test?

If you have watched any reality, romance TV recently, you will be familiar with the idea of a “the test”.

Why there’s no Set Time you should Stay Single after a Breakup

Why are we following arbitrary and outdated rules about dating? Once you break up from your significant other, there’s a belief that you must stay single for a time. However, does…

4 Nov 2022
The Types of Friends you Need as an Adult

A friend for a reason, a friend for a season, and a friend for life.  We all know the saying, but as life throws us ever-more challenges, distance becomes a barrier,…

Aug 31 2021
Dating in Coronavirus Lockdown – Relationship Therapist Advice

Sami Lukis: ‘The perils of dating during lockdown – and the questions to ask yourself before you start’. When the pandemic first hit, there was a moment when singles wondered if…

Increased Dating Anxiety since the Pandemic

Read Rachel’s take on dating in the year 2020, published in The Sydney Morning Herald

June 30 2020

Sail through the end of the day, wind down for bedtime and sleep your best sleep ever. HELP SOMEONE OUT Whether it’s leaving a note in your elderly neighbor’s letterbox offering to…