On the Couch: The Rise of Friendship Therapy

There’s no roadmap for dealing with struggling friendships; no tried-and-tested path to healing after a painful friend breakup. Article by Alexandra English As a therapist, Rachel Voysey has spent her entire career dealing in the expected — though not insignificant — dramas of infidelity and divorce within couples. The past few years, though, have seen…

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Sail through the end of the day, wind down for bedtime and sleep your best sleep ever. HELP SOMEONE OUT Whether it’s leaving a note in your elderly neighbor’s letterbox offering to collect groceries for them or taking time to call and check in on a loved one, helping others will also help you. “Getting out…

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Relationships: Happy Ever After?

You know the drill: meet, fall in love, marry (if you want to) and live happily ever after. But as many of us discover, when you throw career aspirations, kids and general tiredness into the mix, our relationships can suffer. Alana and Laura chat about their husbands and offer some great advice they’ve received along the…

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