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Established in 2015, The Relationship Room offers face-to-face and online therapy for couples, individuals, and families. Our boutique clinics located in Balmain East and Woollahra offer a warm, relaxed and welcoming therapy experience, and our telehealth services reach clients across the globe. We wish for each and every one of our clients to feel as supported, comfortable and safe as possible through our personal and friendly approach.

We take a great deal of care in curating a memorable therapy experience across our clinics, in the way the clinic feels, smells and is experienced so that every client feels welcomed and cared for.

Settle into our warm, relaxing space with one of our signature loose-leaf teas or help yourself to our refreshments bar to enjoy during your session. Our use of aromatherapy creates a welcoming, supportive, sensory experience and this extends to the space and warmth created by our therapists online through our telehealth sessions.

Our therapy services specialise in all things relationships – whether you’re working on your relationship issues together as a couple, or you wish to better understand your relationships from an individual perspective, our team is ready to support you. All therapists at The Relationship Room have extensive training and experience working with both couples and individuals on a broad range of issues affecting relationship dynamics, individual wellbeing and family structures.

Our specialised team of Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists are dedicated to providing a tailored client experience. It is well known that therapy outcomes improve the more open and comfortable you feel, At The Relationship Room, we value and take the time to find the therapist that best matches both your style and therapeutic needs. The client-therapist match has always been the most important part of our approach to therapy. If you don’t feel the therapist is right for you, we will take the time to align you with a new therapist and cover the cost of the session (terms and conditions apply).

To speak with one of our specialised team members about finding the most suitable therapist for you, give us a call on (02) 9555 9115 or enquire now.

“The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships.“

– Esther Perel

Our Passion

The Relationship Room’s passion is about providing effective, practical, evidence-based interventions that offer our clients the tools to feel empowered in creating the relationship they really want by providing the highest quality support that we can at the most important times of their lives. Our therapies are designed to allow clients to feel supported and connected, and to develop strategies to manage a range of issues in a world that can be, at times, stressful. Some of these include issues with trust and infidelity, conflict and disconnection, and intimacy and companionship. Our therapeutic focus also extends to individualised relationship issues including singles and dating coaching, exploring relationship patterns and attachment styles, and a deep focus on self-development and individual growth.

A good relationship is about more than just communication – it’s about breaking through self-limiting behaviours to connect in more meaningful ways in order to create lasting and powerful change. Our therapists at The Relationship Room can assist you on this journey.

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Meet The Principal – Rachel

Rachel Voysey is the Principal Psychologist and Founding Director of The Relationship Room. Over a decade ago, Rachel discovered a real need for relationship centred therapy that allows couples and individuals to feel comfortable and supported at their most vulnerable. Rachel’s longstanding passion for helping couples navigate the complexities of their relationships culminated in the creation of The Relationship Room. With a serene and welcoming ambiance, Rachel intended to establish a space that allowed her clients to feel safe, nurtured, and part of a very personal, deeply considered approach to therapy.

Rachel’s unique approach stems from her strong-held belief that our relationships – whether with significant others, spouses, partners, family or friends – are intrinsic to both our mental health and general wellbeing. Rachel’s approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of emotional and relational aspects of one’s life and believes that the health of our relationships plays an integral role in shaping our mental health and ability to tolerate stress. Rachel’s passion for helping others to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships has shaped the clinical approach carried throughout The Relationship Room’s philosophy today.

Over the years, Rachel’s impact has extended beyond the clinic walls. She has conducted numerous workshops, written insightful articles and appeared on various media platforms to share her expertise on relationships. Her appearance on popular podcasts from ABC and Mamamia, as well as her contribution to the New York Times Style Magazine, have garnered widespread acclaim, reaching couples and individuals around the world. Rachel’s level of expertise and unwavering dedication to her clients has earned her a remarkable reputation in the field of relationship psychology and continues to grow today.

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