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Individual Therapy

Our Individual Therapy approach supports clients in exploring areas of self-development and growth both in relationships and individually, including singles and dating coaching, and focuses on mental health more broadly, particularly depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and grief.
Singles & Dating Coaching
Navigating the dating world and dating apps can feel overwhelming and hopeless at times. Our therapists can work with you to strengthen your relationship with yourself, identify who you wish to be in a relationship and put yourself out there to experience life and love.
Relationship Patterns
Many clients may question why they end up falling into the same kind of relationships and are left to wonder what they can do differently. Our individualised therapy approach can help clients to explore deeper areas of connection to others while unpacking the ‘why’ behind repeating patterns to help build healthy relationships into the future.
Attachment Styles
Our therapists take the time to identify, unpack and explore individual ways of relating to others from an attachment theory framework. This approach extends beyond theoretical solutions that can be found in a book or on a podcast – it allows clients to navigate their attachment style in intimate relationships, explore its origin and understand how to have your needs met to move toward a more secure attachment.
Individual Relationship Guidance
Ongoing psychological support in the context of a relationship at an individual level has been shown to improve relationship satisfaction and longevity. Our therapists can help support you to make meaningful change in your relationship and foster a greater understanding of yourself and your significant other.
Our individualised therapy processes can help clients raise their self-awareness, identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and develop overall wellbeing. We believe that creating a deeper awareness and stronger sense of self ultimately leads to more fulfilling relationships. Our therapists support individual growth and development through solution-focused coaching and therapy.
General Mental Health
While our services emphasise relationships, we also provide care and support for individuals who are moving through grief, processing trauma, managing anxiety, depression, stress and coping with life transitions.

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