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Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy approach explores family systems, attachment theory and patterns of behaviour, while also facilitating family conflict resolution. Clients can unlock meaningful connections through deep exploration of family history and its influence on the present.
Family Patterns
Our therapists take the time and depth of understanding required to explore entrenched family patterns and their significance on both the past and in the present. This approach allows clients to process and understand relationship and family dynamics and to move forward in positive and meaningful ways.
Family Breakdown & Mediation
Our family-centred services include therapy and mediation in the context of family breakdowns. Our therapists can help navigate parenting and conflict situations, and assist clients in either reconnecting and rebuilding, or making the difficult decision to separate or divorce. This approach also extends to sibling and parental relationships and can help repair broken bonds or find meaning through positive contact.
Conflict Resolution
Understanding patterns of conflict and how to best manage these is the key to help people maintain ongoing relationships with immediate and extended family members. Our therapists focus on conflict management to guide clients in challenging patterns of behaviour and enable change, where desired, to move into better ways of being together and living harmoniously.
Managing Extended Family Dynamics
Managing relationships with in-laws, children from other marriages, ex-partners, family members and friends can place stress on any family. It is important to help families navigate complex family dynamics in order to feel more connected. Our therapists can help to establish healthy boundaries and create ways to facilitate healthy and positive family contact.
Blended Families
Creating new family structures through blending families can bring difficulty adjusting for both children and parents involved. Our family therapy services can help with this adjustment period in forming new understandings of family relationships and create renewed meaning in family bonds moving forward.
Managing Finances
Complexities and conflict in family relationships may arise when negotiating and managing shared finances such as inheritances and assets. Through the use of effective conflict management and family dispute resolution facilitated by our providers, families can reach amicable arrangements.

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