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Dealing with Rejection

Why does rejection hurt so much? Psychologist Rachel Voysey’s answer might surprise you. Rejection is an inevitable part of dating so Sami Lukis chats to Psychologist Rachel about how we can get better at dealing with it…and the answer involves Tim Tams. Download or listen to the Podcast here: DEALING WITH REJECTION from Romantically Challenged with…

Reality TV shows like Married At First Sight inspire counselling boom

ALISON STEPHENSON, The Daily Telegraph SYDNEY couples are rushing to seek counselling in the wake of TV shows such as Married At First Sight. Psychology clinics across the city have noted the trend and told The Daily Telegraph they attribute spikes in bookings to couples therapy having a “pop culture moment” on programs such as…

Is Travelling The New Couple’s Counselling?

Ashleigh Austen whimn.com.au This relationship expert says you need to book a trip with your partner, stat. Golden gate-times. Image: Stocksy Travelling with your partner is one of the biggest tests you can put your relationship under – but it’s also one of those most valuable. There’s no strain like spending 24 hours a day together while navigating…


MAHALIA CHANG https://www.cosmopolitan.com.au Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. We don’t know if we’re reading too much into things, but it sure seems like getting back together with your ex is all the rage right now. Between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s Parisian dates after they split up last year, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’sexhausting on-off…

Relationship Communication Tips By Principle Psychologist Rachel Voysey at The Relationship Room

Improving the communication skills in your relationship is most likely one of those seemingly useful pieces of advice which you have heard many times before but has gone on your “I probably should do that, but realistically I will never get around to it” list. However research is uncovering that improving our close relationships is…

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