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Couples Therapy

Our Couples Therapy approach allows couples to feel supported, understood and connected as they navigate crisis, improve communication skills, work through conflict, rebuild sex and intimacy and create shared meaning both in the relationship and beyond.
We often hear that communication is the key to a healthy, lasting relationship. By learning and developing constructive communication skills, couples can begin to feel more connected and build greater awareness of each other’s needs, values and desires. Our therapists help couples to develop communication styles that meet the needs of their unique relationship and maintain open and honest communication.
Conflict Management
Conflict is a normal part of any relationship, however, the way in which we approach conflict can spell the difference between a happy relationship and the dissolution of one. Our team of experts use practical tools and strategies to help couples learn how to raise and work through issues, de-escalate tension and engage in deeper conversations that evoke empathy and compromise.
Processing and healing from affairs, betrayal and breaches of trust can be a very painful experience. Our therapists help navigate the complexities of this relationship crisis with sensitivity, respect and depth. We utilise evidence-based practices and frameworks to help couples heal from trauma, process grief and rebuild trust in their relationship, or make the decision to find closure post-betrayal.
Couples in Crisis
Some couples may find themselves at crisis point and in need of immediate support. Our therapists are experienced in managing high-conflict scenarios, helping clients explore complex behavioural patterns and navigate acute infidelity and betrayal.
Sex Therapy
Our Sex Therapy services can help couples to feel empowered with the knowledge and confidence they desire to share a healthy sex life. This can involve exploring and navigating areas of intimacy in new and deeper ways, creating healthy boundaries and navigating expectations around sex in the relationship in a safe non-judgmental space.
Disconnection & Loss of Intimacy
Couples may encounter a loss of intimacy and connectedness, either as a new experience or over a long period of time. Our therapists use practical tools to create a safe space for exploring areas of intimacy together. This helps to build rituals of connection, enhance togetherness and bring couples back to feeling like lovers rather than flatmates.
Addiction in Relationships
Addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography in relationships can affect not only yourself and your partner, but your relationship and your ways of connecting. The cycle of addiction can start to take more and more time away from a couple, creating emotional distance and can lead to increased conflict. Our approach can help you reduce stress, relieve tension and identify conflict patterns that are maintaining the issue.
Managing Stress
Stress management is vital for any healthy relationship, and mental health in general. Coping with stress in functional ways can restore emotional closeness and revive intimacy in a relationship. We focus on the management of stress within a relationship and help couples understand different ways in which stress may impact the relationship.
Rebuilding Friendship
A deep friendship is the foundational element of a lasting relationship. Supporting couples to feel more connected and known by one another on an emotionally intimate level brings hope to the therapy process. By exploring each other’s internal worlds, couples develop mutual respect and appreciation of each other while building positive regard and closeness.
Parenting & Family
Research shows that 70 per cent of couples experience a decrease in marital satisfaction as a result of becoming parents. Our therapists utilise practical and evidence-based skills to support parents in working together as a team, creating a connected family unit and managing the stressors that come with parenting and raising children together.
Coping with Trauma & Grief
Often couples must cope with trauma and grief either arising within the relationship or outside of the relationship. Our specialised therapists support couples to understand, respond and navigate the impact of trauma and grief on the relationship. This process helps couples to feel more connected, supported and validated as they restore purpose and meaning together in life.
Pre-Marriage Counselling
We offer pre-marriage counselling for couples hoping to finetune their communication and conflict-management skills and proactively strengthen their relationship before taking the next step. This process can help couples to discover more meaningful connections with their partner, learn to manage stress and process past resentments in a safe space before moving into married life together.
Navigating Attachment Styles
Our attachment style formed in early childhood guides us in our intimate relationships for the rest of our lives. When couples encounter stress, understanding attachment styles in their relationship helps meet each other’s emotional needs and create more emotional intimacy and security. While complex, our therapists can help you navigate this system.
Diverse Relationships
We welcome relationships of all kinds into our clinic. Our therapists are all LGBTQIA+ friendly and experienced at assisting couples from diverse backgrounds. This includes those in polyamorous relationships, those from varied relationship arrangements, same-sex couples and those managing cross-cultural relationship dynamics.
Blended Families
Couples may encounter stress and conflict when blending families, either with children from previous relationships or managing connections with new in-laws. Our couples therapy services can help with this adjustment period in forming new understandings of family relationships, strengthen feelings of togetherness and connection, and create renewed meaning in the relationship moving forward.

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