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Would Your Partner Pass the Cheating Test?

If you have watched any reality, romance TV recently, you will be familiar with the idea of a “the test”.

05 Dec 2022
Would your Partner Pass the Cheating Test?

If you’ve tuned into any romantic reality TV shows over the past few years, chances are you’ll be familiar with a concept known as “the test”. A phrase synonymous with Love Island, “the…

04 Oct 2022
Why Emotional Cheating can be worst then a Physical Affair

It’s hard to imagine what Adam Levine, a man currently best known for prolifically messaging women half his age, is feeling right now. His private life has been made public, and…

Aug 31 2021
Dating in Coronavirus Lockdown – Relationship Therapist Advice

Sami Lukis: ‘The perils of dating during lockdown – and the questions to ask yourself before you start’. When the pandemic first hit, there was a moment when singles wondered if…

Feb 18 2021
On the Couch: The Rise of Friendship Therapy

There’s no roadmap for dealing with struggling friendships; no tried-and-tested path to healing after a painful friend breakup. Article by Alexandra English As a therapist, Rachel Voysey has spent her entire…

Dec 19 2019 (1)
Micro-Cheating in the World of Fluid Sexuality and Relationships

Dotted along the sliding scale of relationship statuses—between satisfyingly single and consciously coupled—is a menagerie of ludicrous-sounding concepts that have become permanent fixtures in the dating lexicon: ghosting, orbiting, breadcrumbing. The…