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Attachments in Intimate Relationships

Childhood experiences and the relationships you had with family and friends growing up can directly impact the relationships you have as an adult.

April 3 2017 daily mail
5 things you can do today to make your partner feel loved⁠

Here are some ideas to help make your partner feel seen and appreciated in your relationship.

Would Your Partner Pass the Cheating Test?

If you have watched any reality, romance TV recently, you will be familiar with the idea of a “the test”.

Mirco-dating – the 10-minute Dating Technique to Help Restore your Connection

It’s easy for relationships to suffer when time is one of our most precious resources and more opportunities come back into our lives. But there’s a new way to foster romance…

Why Jokes and Laughter may Improve your Sex Life

Being able to make and take a joke might be the secret to a long and lasting love story, according to new research. But there are clear boundaries to avoid it…

What would you do if you could take a Pill to Fall in Love?

Would you pop a pill to make you fall in love? How about another to eliminate the pain of heartbreak? Emerging science suggests it’s just a matter of time before who…

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