Why is Pride Important for Queer Couples?

With Mardi Gras come and gone, it is important we acknowledge hardships and challenges faced by queer couples. Pride is important for same-sex and gender diverse relationships as it offers a chance for individuals to celebrate their identity and love.

What is Pride?

Pride is a celebration of all LBQTIA+ identities. Many cities have parades and celebrations to mark Pride, an important one for Sydney being the Mardi Gras Festival. This is where people from all walks of life come together to acknowledge the harm that has been, and continues to be, conflicted upon sexuality and gender minorities. It also allows an opportunity to demonstrate the visibility and acceptance of these individuals in communities.

LGBTQIA+ Identifying Individuals can carry a lot of Shame

Many LGBTQIA+ couples have grown up carrying a lot of shame and disgust around their identity.  Every queer person usually has at least one experience of being treated as an outsider or ostracized due to their sexual orientation or gender expression. This leads to the message that queer individuals need to hide their true selves to fit in with CIS, heteronormative society.

Why Pride is important for same-sex and gender diverse couples?

This shame can be brought into a marriage or partnership and can slowly start to poison it. Shame can lead to a person believing they are not worthy to be in a loving, respectful, equal relationship. This can cause a breakdown of communication and increase conflict, creating problems in the relationship. For a partnership to succeed, queer couples need to be open about their identity and any shame they may be dealing with. Pride offers an opportunity for queer couples to discuss challenges they may be facing, and together celebrate their relationships and be proud of themselves and their partner.

Get out there and go celebrate!

Mardi Gras offers a range of opportunities for all age groups and identities to celebrate and be loud and proud of their identity. Grab your partner and go and celebrate each other and your relationship. Your love is just as worthy and special as anyone’s.


Based on content from the Gottman Institute

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