Dating in Coronavirus Lockdown – Relationship Therapist Advice

Sami Lukis: ‘The perils of dating during lockdown – and the questions to ask yourself before you start’.

When the pandemic first hit, there was a moment when singles wondered if we’d have to put our dating lives on hold, indefinitely. Mask wearing and social distancing aren’t exactly conducive to romantic interactions.

But, like many singles, I realised online dating provided a welcome distraction from the whole depressing ‘Rona bubble and a valuable connection to the outside world. Sometimes it’s just really lovely to have someone to talk to, other than my dog or my pot plants (no judgement please).

It’s not surprising dating apps have recorded a massive increase in users and usage since COVID arrived and they’re going gangbusters during these long and lonely lockdowns.

That might feel like a massive win for anyone who sees dating as a numbers game. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be well aware dating can be emotionally charged at the best of times, so I do wonder if it’s downright foolish to be doing it in the very worst of times — like, now. During this COVID clusterf–k.

Relationship therapist Rachel Voysey reckons lockdown dating isn’t an enormously stupid idea, but she does advise you to “hold it lightly”.

It’s important to recognise loneliness can impair your judgement and delude you into making bad choices. “It’s called Cognitive Distortion,” says Voysey. “You might see things that aren’t there or convince yourself that something’s better than it actually is”.

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