The Importance of Intimacy and Friendship in a Relationship

As with any friendship, your bond in a romantic relationship must be nurtured and prioritised.

Creating meaningful experiences, showing genuine interest in one another, and being on the same team are all simple, daily actions that strengthen your relationship. Cultivating these will become a lifeline for you both.

Express genuine interest in your partner. Even if your interests differ, finding the time and space to show genuine interest in your partner and their life, be it work, hobbies, family, or friends, allows them to feel validated and genuinely cared for.

Create rituals of connection. Daily experiences such as early morning walks, doing the dishes or simply watching TV together are all opportunities for deeper connections. These can be moments to share about your day, talk about your goals or check in on how each other is feeling.

Turn small moments into pivotal experiences. Partners who develop the ability to turn toward their partner even in the most mundane of circumstances, intentionally attune to their partner and actively listen, leave their partner feeling acknowledged and heard.

Be on your partner’s team. When obstacles or outside stressors come against your partner, they need to know that you’ve got their back. This means you do your best to ensure they never feel alone or insignificant. Showing genuine interest in being on their side and demonstrating unwavering support can help you both feel connected.


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