Why Jokes and Laughter may Improve your Sex Life

Being able to make and take a joke might be the secret to a long and lasting love story, according to new research. But there are clear boundaries to avoid it turning nasty.

Researchers from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg have found that couples with greater banter also had better sex lives due to increased physical attraction.

“Couples who are playful and can banter with each other tend to trust each other and like each other more,” Rachel states. “It means there’s enough goodwill in the relationship to be playful with one another and not take something the wrong way.”

Playfulness can lead to an increase in desire, trust, affection, friendship and kindness, allowing the relationship to continue to grow. It is a good way to keep that healthy spark alive in long term relationships.

While jokes and laughter may be the secret to a healthier love life, there needs to be some clear boundaries to ensure it doesn’t turn malicious. Some topics may be off limits, such as physical appearance.

“Some couples bicker when they joke because it either crosses a line or it’s seen as another way of taking a dig,” Rachel says. “Often when you see that, it’s a sign that there’s no longer goodwill left in the relationship and that means you can see everything with a negative bias.”

So long as you keep things light-hearted and friendly, with both you and your partner finding the joke appropriate, this could be an advantageous aspect of your relationship. In fact, often a lack of playful banter means you may have some work to do, as it could signify a lack of connection.

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