The Importance of Travelling with your Partner

Travelling with your partner can be one of the most challenging tests to any relationship.

However, it often provides valuable insight into your compatibility. Travelling can test your teamwork, communication, friendship, and ability to reason in highly stressful situations. Rachel shares the following benefits to travelling with your partner:

“Travelling should be a milestone for couples and considered as important as meeting the family, and moving out together. Going travelling with someone will test your teamwork and communication skills in ways nothing else can.”

“The time is now. Shopper Data Group recently surveyed 2,198 Australians and found that over 46% of the have no plans to take an overseas trip. Oh. Taking a holiday gives couples the opportunity to step away from everyday life and connect with one another. Travelling with your partner allows for new shared experiences and creates memories unique to the relationship. It can also be a break from talking only about work, and helps to better understand how to create a work/life balance.”

“Good teamwork is the basis for a successful relationship that operates on compromise and strong communication. Travelling can be revealing about your partner and will showcase their strengths and weaknesses. Having good teamwork as a couple means you are able to work in a way that complements and supports each other. Travelling gives couples the opportunity to develop their teamwork and will translate into a fair relationship with shared responsibilities.”

“Being together for an extended period of time forces you to talk and could open up unresolved issues. Being on holidays provides the perfect opportunity to discuss these problems, while not surrounded by stress and work and being in a different environment, which in itself can sometimes offer new perspectives. Travelling will force you to learn patience for your partner whilst enhancing your understanding of their behaviour and how they react to situations.”

“Agreeing on what to eat, what to do and see, and more importantly, what you may not be able to do can be challenging. Travel offers choice and will help to sharpen a couple’s negotiation skills. Being understanding of what is important to you and your partner and what you are willing to be flexible on is important. Knowing how to compromise in a civil way is a key quality in a relationship that will bring stronger commitment to the relationship.”

“Travelling means you are often out of your comfort zone and can be very telling on how a person adapts to change and new environments. If you miss a train, have no accommodation, lose a bankcard or even a passport can ignite frustration but having the ability to problem solve as a couple can reveal dynamics of the relationship. Couples who can find peaceful solutions to problems whilst travelling, will be able to translate this back into everyday life and avoid feeling stressed.”

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