Reality TV and Couples Counselling

Feb 22 2019

Since shows such as Married At First Sight have aired on TV, there has been a boom in couples seeking relationship counselling.

People have also started coming to therapy earlier, rather than waiting until there is a crisis moment.

“In the past people have thought you have to have a problem to have therapy, that you need to arrive in a crisis, there’s been an affair or somebody has one foot out the door,” Rachel says.

“What these shows are doing are saying, ‘You don’t have to go and get help just in a crisis, you can actually go early in a relationship,’ and that’s a really interesting change.”

Rachel says its is helping to destigmatise couples counselling. People are seeing it more and more as just another way to help their relationship grow.

A similar effect is seen when famous individuals, such as Will and Jada Smith, come out and talk about their own relationship counselling, inspiring couples to do the same.

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