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Welcome to The Relationship Room

Couples Therapy at the Relationship Room is provided by registered psychologists and psychotherapists with extensive experience and training in working with both couples and individuals.


At the Relationship Room, our couples counsellors support couples in working through the range of issues arising in relationships including infidelity, trust issues, difficulty with communication and conflict, life transitions, parenting and infertility and also in making big choices about relationships and working through separations where necessary.


We recognise that while helping couples to do conflict well is crucial, having good conflict management skills is not enough to make a strong relationship and we are also able to support couples in coming to understand and connect with one another in meaningful ways and create strong, resilient family units.


When you walk into the Relationship Room it is our priority to assist you to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Our friendly reception staff will be available to take your details and get you seated in our waiting area or out on our private harbour view balcony.


Choose from one of our in house signature loose leaf teas or mineral water to sip during your session. If you feel like something to eat you can enjoy a selection of dried fruit and nuts from our nut bar.


It is well known that therapy outcomes improve the more open and comfortable you feel. At the Relationship Room we design our clinic environment to assist you to feel safe and welcome.


We take a great deal of care in the way the clinic smells, feels and is experienced and we do this in the hope that every client feels welcome and cared for from the time they walk into the clinic until the time they leave our space.

Online Couples Counselling, Marriage & Relationship Counselling in Sydney

Couples counselling at the Relationship Room addresses the myriad of issues that come with creating a life with another person. Some of these include issues with trust and infidelity, conflict and connectedness and intimacy and companionship. Following are some of the issues are commonly addressed couples counselling:

  • Online Counselling - The Relationship Room & The Therapy Room are now offering Counselling Online. Both individual and Couples therapy can be done online if that is your preference during this time of social isolation due to COVID-19.
  • Infidelity – processing and healing from affairs and breaches of trust can be very painful within relationships, at the Relationship Room we utilize evidence based practice to help the couple heal from the trauma, process grief and rebuild their relationship.
  • Conflict – conflict is a normal part of relationships, however, the way that we approach conflict can spell the difference between a happy relationship and the dissolution of a relationship. Our couples counsellors use practical tools help couples to learn how to bring up and work through issues as they come up, particularly those that keep coming up again and again in relationships.
  • Disconnection and loss of intimacy – quite often couples experience a loss of intimacy and connectedness, we utilize practical tools to bring couples back to feeling like lovers rather than flatmates.
  • Stress management – managing stress is key to healthy relationships and good mental health in general, in acknowledgement of this, we focus strongly on the management of stress in the family.
  • Fertility issues – working with issues around fertility and the stress, trauma and grief that can accompany them is vital to helping couples move through these issues in a connected, supportive way. Our psychologists are also registered to provide pregnancy support counselling.
  • Parenting – research shows that 70% of couples experience a decrease in marital satisfaction as a result of becoming parents. Our counsellors utilize practical skills to support parents in working together as a team, creating a connected family and managing the stresses that go with parenting in a productive way.
  • Managing emotions – many couples have different ways of relating to emotions, our couples counsellors can support couples in better understanding these differences and the way they impact relationships.
  • Enhancing friendship – a couple’s friendship is a crucial component of a marriage, supporting couples to feel more connected, familiar and intimate with one another on an emotional level is the foundation of a strong relationship
  • Sex/intimacy issues – managing intimacy issues which arise within relationships is also crucial to supporting couples to feel connected with one another.
  • Coping with trauma and grief – often couples must cope with trauma and grief either arising within the relationship or outside of the relationship. Our psychologists are trained in the treatment of trauma and are able to support couples to work through these issues.
  • Life transitions – many couples struggle with adjusting to major life transitions, helping couples to work through these transitions in a connected way and understand the meanings for one another is a key element of couples counselling.
  • Coping with extended families – dealing with relationships with in-laws, children from other marriages, ex-partners, family members and friends can place stress on a relationship and working through these issues so that each partner feels supported is key.

At the Relationship Room we believe that healthy relationships with others, as well as an engaged, active self-awareness allows individuals and couples to build resilience and cope with life in a world that can, at times, be stressful. Our therapies are designed to allow clients to feel supported and connected and to develop strategies to manage a range of issues.

Our Mission

The Relationship Room represents a fresh approach to relationship counselling.  The relaxed and welcoming environment has been created to enhance the therapeutic process and support clients in building deeper connections within themselves and with one another.

The Relationship Room’s mission is to provide effective, practical, evidence-based interventions that give couples the tools to feel empowered in creating the relationship they really want.  In line with cutting edge psychological research, the Relationship Room seeks to integrate sensory processing into the therapeutic process, the warm, non-clinical environment represents this concept and seeks to set clients at ease from the moment they arrive.

The therapists at the Relationship Room are Psychologists & Psychotherapists with experience and training in working with both couples and individuals.


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The Relationship Room & The Therapy Room are now offering Counselling Online. Both individual and Couples therapy can be done online if that is your preference during this time of social isolation due to COVID-19.

Currently we are still operating face-to-face appointments.