The Hardships of Relationships during Lockdown

Since the Covid-19 lockdown there has been a jump in couples seeking counselling or hiring divorce lawyers. Due to the tough conditions that lockdown has caused, Relationships Australia found that 42% of people have had negative relationship changes in recent months.

This is a similar pattern to holiday periods and couple problems that come up around December and January. When people spend longer periods of time together and the normal activities of everyday life are interrupted, problems become more visible and can escalate if not properly addressed.

Rachel says that there has been an increase in couples reporting lockdown related issues, “It has brought up a lot of intimacy issues for couples. We tend to justify problems with intimacy as not having enough time, and now couples are thinking it’s not the lack of time that is the problem, it’s a problem in the relationship. But also having too much time together isn’t good for intimacy as it can kill desire, so there is that problem too.”

Rachel says couples are also having problems with delaying separations, as they cannot afford to have two households going at once during this period.

However, there are some positives, with more people willing to comprise and work on their relationships during this period. Many people are reporting more positive connections with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours as people embrace the idea of staying in touch in creative ways while not being able to see each other in person.

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