Don’t Leave Therapy till the Crisis Point

May 20 2020 - relationship health check (1)

While many forms of self-improvement have become popularised in recent years, relationship counselling is not one of them. It is only when couples are facing extreme issues do they come and seek help.

“I have counselled hundreds of couples and I estimate that 70 per cent of them are in crisis mode,” says Rachel. “The other 30 per cent come to see me after years of decline in their relationship satisfaction.”

“A healthy partnership forms the backbone of a happy home life, so I find it interesting as to why so few people are willing to work on this important aspect of their lives until it is too late.”

Rachel strongly believes that relationships have a higher chance of succeeding during times of stress if people seek help as early as possible. This is true for all types of couples including newlyweds or couples in the beginning stages of a relationship. Everyone can benefit from noticing and understanding their relationship patterns.

No one wants to get to the point where the relationship is so bad one person has an affair, or someone is extremely unhappy. If you just spend a little more time reflecting on your relationship before it reaches this point, it could be the saving grace of your partnership.

“None of us are taught how to be a good partner or how to have a happy marriage,” she says. “We might only have our parents’ relationship as a model and then we just work it out as we go.”

“We all bring emotional baggage into a relationship. At the start most couples are good at talking and being honest, but as time goes by and life gets busier and more stressful, it gets much harder.”

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