What is Lovebombing and how to Spot it?

Lovebombing is a manipulative technique used by individuals to exert control over someone else, typically in romantic relationships.

It involves overwhelming the target with excessive displays of affection, attention, and gifts to create a deep, emotional connection. Here are some ways to spot love bombing.

Rapid and intense affection: the person may declare their love or devotion very early in the relationship, often before truly getting to know the target.

Pushing for commitment quickly: lovebombers may rush the target into committing to the relationship such as moving in together or getting engaged before the relationship has had time to develop naturally.

Lavish gifts and gestures: lovebombers often use extravagant gifts, surprises, and gestures to win the target’s affection and create a sense of indebtedness.

Inconsistent behaviour: lovebombers can alternate between intense affection and emotional withdrawal, keeping the target off balance and longing for their attention.

Excessive attention and time: they constantly shower their target with attention, texts, calls and want to spend every available moment together, making it difficult for the target to have personal space or alone time.

Jealously and possessiveness: they may display signs of jealously and possessiveness early on attempting to control the targets’ interactions with others.

Idealisation and flattery: They constantly praise and idealise the target, making them feel special, perfect, and loved in an exaggerated manner.

Isolating the target: they may try to isolate the target from friends, family, or other support systems, making them heavily reliant on the lovebomber for emotional validation and support.

It is important to be cautious if you notice these signs, as lovebombing can be a red flag for manipulative and potentially abusive behaviour.


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