Increased Dating Anxiety since the Pandemic


Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, some of us feel very out of practice when it comes to dating.

Used to online exchanges and texting only situations, where the rules of social interactions completely changed, knowing when and how to date in the post pandemic world is tricky. Dating apps can often lead to less than satisfying dates with many called off last minute (made worst by increased health anxiety).

Since the pandemic, surveys done by Bumble and Hinge say there is a decrease in confidence and an increase in anxiety around dating. This is probably due to increased stress levels during the lockdown and also the lack of social interactions we have had with anyone outside our household, let alone a potential romantic partner.

Researcher Lisa Portolan from Western Sydney University says singles are feeling there is no chance that they will be able build a serious relationship, so what’s the point? Meeting someone is hard enough, add in masks, standing 3 feet away and texting for months on end with no in person contact – not the best for sparking up romance.

Rachel says it’s completely normal for people to feel their dating confidence has dropped. It could be due to individuals fearing they will never find a long-term partner. This is because it has become very challenging to properly connect with people online and also not knowing anymore how to have a conversation that doesn’t centre around Covid. She also says the longer you avoid it, the worse it will become, “if you start avoiding new experiences, the anxiety only grows bigger.”

A tip for getting over distance dating and the detached feel of texting is calling and speaking over the phone. “It’s a great steppingstone, you can screen a lot of things and get an intuitive read on the person.”

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