The Gut Brain

May 20 2020 - third brain

The ‘three-brain theory’ may be the new way to approach dating and relationships.

This theory, as the names implies, says we have three sperate brains, the head, the heart, and the gut. Instead of working independently from one another, they interact to make us human.

The head is used for reason and logic, the heart for emotions and memories and the gut for your gut instinct, also known as intuition.

Rachel says, “The incredible difference about using your gut brain and making a decision intuitively is that we’re synthesising hundreds, maybe thousands of things that we know about that issue, whereas the brain can only work with limited facts and logic. All of our related experiences are integrated into that feeling of ‘knowing’.”

However, we often do not listen to that gut feeling and instead think with our head or our heart when it comes to relationships. It is important though to rely on your intuition, as often it is telling you something really important (which is worth listening to).

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