Facing your Fears as an Adult

April 20 2019

The longer we avoid something the more the fear of that thing grows.

“When we avoid, we eliminate any chance of having new experiences that may prove to us that perhaps our fear is irrational or that in fact we are perfectly capable of dealing with the thing we fear most,” Rachel says.

“With anxiety and fear the only way out is by busting through! This is why exposure therapies and the phrase ‘facing our fears’ in the absolute truth and best way to conquer the things that get our hearts racing.”

It wasn’t till Laura saw her son enjoying his swimming lessons that she decided to face her fear of drowning and try to learn to swim. Soon after she took the leap of faith and enrolled in adult swimming lessons.

“Children are fantastic at reminding us that most of what we fear comes from self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that we have accumulated from the experiences we have had in life,” says Rachel.

“Children are naturally curious and adventurous and have fewer self-imposed limitations and negative thoughts. They are less the product of their thoughts and are still engaged with experiences, play and learning.”

It can also be really helpful for children to see us facing our fears. We provide a role model for them. We send the message that it is okay to try something new and step outside you comfort zone, even if it makes you very uncomfortable or afraid.

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