Day Long Therapy

Programs and Daylong Intensives

At the Relationship Room we offer our corporate and private clients a variety of services beyond the traditional consulting room hour. From day-long “Marathon” therapy sessions for couples, to educational corporate programming focused on communication, performance, or overall psychological wellness, our Senior Psychology Team is here to help.

If you are interested in one of our custom offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at (02) 95559115


Daylong therapy is a powerful way to work. Couples report they find the intensives to be emotionally moving & enriching learning experiences. The daylong format allows for unique depth and meaningful connection, and often foster enduring change.

Who can benefit from daylong “Marathon” therapy?

Couples seeking to…

  • Rekindle intimacy
  • Build communication skills
  • Recover from grief or trauma
  • Recover from an affair
  • Build co-parenting skills
  • Or simply to reconnect emotionally and recommit to the union


Senior Psychology Team

Ms. Rachel Voysey

Rachel Voysey is the Principle Psychologist at The Relationship Room. Over the years she has worked with hundreds of couples, helping them build healthy relationships, improve communication skills, and improve individual well-being. Relationship psychology is a long-standing passion of Rachel’s, and in addition to being founder of The Relationship Room, she publishes and speaks on a range of topics relating to health in relationships. Rachel views every working-relationship—whether with individuals, couples, or groups— as a unique opportunity to build key areas of resilience, compromise and communication.


Dr. Alexandra Guhde

With nearly fifteen years of clinical experience, Dr. Guhde specializes in couples, individual depth-psychology, creative performance and psychoeducation. Before earning her doctorate in Berkeley, California, Dr. Guhde worked in the field of advertising and brand-identity, where she became interested in what drives human decision-making, meaning-making, and personal fulfillment. Alexandra ran her own practice in California, and served as Director of Educational Programming at the CG Jung Institute of San Francisco, before relocating to Sydney to join us as a clinical psychologist at The Relationship Room.

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