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Why some people are curious about sobriety in lockdown

If you found that your recycling bin seemed to fill up faster than normal during Sydney’s first lockdown, you weren’t alone. On refuse collection day, endless avalanches of empty bottles, stubbies and tins cascaded from yellow-topped wheelies citywide as Sydneysiders dulled their fears of anxiety-inducing headlines with several more glugs of grog than they might normally.…

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Relationships: Happy Ever After?

You know the drill: meet, fall in love, marry (if you want to) and live happily ever after. But as many of us discover, when you throw career aspirations, kids and general tiredness into the mix, our relationships can suffer. Alana and Laura chat about their husbands and offer some great advice they’ve received along the…

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Romantically Challenged

Why does rejection hurt so much? Psychologist Rachel Voysey’s answer might surprise you. Rejection is an inevitable part of dating so Sami Lukis chats to Psychologist Rachel about how we can get better at dealing with it…and the answer involves Tim Tams. Listen Here

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