5 things you can do today to make your partner feel loved⁠

April 3 2017 daily mail

There are many things, big or small, you can do to make you partner feel loved in a relationship. 

Surprise them with their favourite food or drink: Bring your partner their favourite snack or drink to show that you were thinking about them.⁠

Leave a sweet note: Write a love letter, a sweet message or just a reminder of how much you love them and leave it somewhere where they will see it unexpectedly, like their wallet or lunchbox.⁠

Give them a massage: Take some time to give your partner a relaxing massage after a long day at work or an intense workout session.⁠

Plan a special date night: Plan a fun and romantic date night for the two of you, whether it’s going to a nice restaurant, going to see a movie or just a cozy night in.⁠

Do something thoughtful: Think about something your partner has been wanting to do or needs help with, and do it for them without them asking. It could be anything from doing the laundry to getting the car serviced. It shows that you care and are willing to help.⁠

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