Singles Coaching

You might think that relationship counselling is unfitting for you if you are single. But this is simply not true. Rather it is important to look at relationship patterns when you are single to figure out where you might be going wrong and to start making changes within yourself. We can help you break down negative relationship patterns by reflecting on past issues and support you to move on with any limiting beliefs you may be subconsciously holding onto. Each stage of the process from ending one relationship, through being single, to entering a new relationship can bring many obstacles and we can help at any of these.

The stages:
1. Breaking up – Break ups can be an emotional time for many where feelings of loneliness and rejection is very common. You may be struggling to cope with many emotions at once, such as loss, sadness, guilt or anger which can lead to stonewalling, preventing you from moving on. By talking through these struggles with us, you can start to process the break up and your feelings of rejection will pass. Whether it is recent or if it was a break up from a while ago, we can help you consider your personal growth and the things you learned, positive and negative, from the time spent in the relationship.

2. Moving on from your past relationship/ex – One of the hardest things about moving on from a past relationship can be getting back into daily routine without that person by your side. The good news is, we can help you do this more easily. We will help you realise that you do have the strength to move on and that you will recover.

3. Breaking the cycle/growth/happy with yourself – If a relationship did not work out last time, it may be helpful to know why, so that this knowledge can be applied to future relationships. Maybe you feel that you are dating the wrong array of people and that the outcomes are always the same – following a similar unhealthy pattern. By becoming mindful of these conscious choices, you will feel more in control in future relationships.

4. Stepping out into the dating world again – When you are single, getting back out there can seem very daunting. Focusing in therapy on your own true values, which may be lying deep within your subconscious, will allow you to focus on these in a potential partner. Once you focus on yourself as being worthwhile and meaningful can you then have a relationship with someone else.

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