Relationship Room Partners with Kids and Co

Relationship Room Partners with Kids and Co

Kids & Co. plus Relationship Room: Sydney psychological services for the

whole family

For over fifteen years, Kids & Co. have been helping children and adolescents – and

the families that support them – to diagnose, treat, and prevent a range of mental

health, personal, and family issues. Well respected amongst the Australian

psychological and psychiatric communities, and with accolades from prominent

media outlets, Kids & Co. have come to be recognised as Sydney’s leading lights in

the field of child and adolescent psychology. With five practices across the Sydney

region, Kids & Co. have been able to offer outreach programmes to an incredible

number of families in need. What’s more, a new collaboration with Sydney’s

pioneering Relationship Room is set to further these two organisations’ welcome

contribution to the wellbeing of the Sydney and New South Wales public.

From their gorgeous premises in Sydney’s Balmain, The Relationship Room has

been quietly revolutionising the status quo when it comes to contemporary

counselling and psychological services for individuals, couples and families.

Integrating a novel approach to psychological counselling, The Relationship Room’s

supportive and effective programmes pivot on counsellors’ and clients’ awareness of

so-called “sensory modalities”, whereby elements of sight, sound, smell, hearing,

and touch are used to ground the treatment and prevention of mental health

problems, particularly interpersonal issues.

And there’s great news for families facing life’s challenges in the new year.

Relationship Room founders Rachel Voysey and Paula Saad are proud to announce

a partnership with Kids & Co.’s Dr Anna Cohen , and their

combined commitment to providing the best specialist counselling and psychological

services promises to offer even more incisive and capable help to Sydney’s kids and

parents. Together, these two expert groups of psychologists are continuing to work,

with ever more scope and ambition, towards a mutual goal: to help kids and parents

in crisis. While both organisations use the sensory as a means to facilitate effective

therapy, working in parallel helps all involved to more quickly address the issues at

hand. The Relationship Room’s couples’ counselling expertise is brought to bear on

the obstacles in the way of constructive, loving parental and interpersonal

relationships, while Kids & Co. take the children and adolescent members of these

families under their wing to coach them to a better, happier understanding of

themselves and their relationships with friends, siblings, and parents.

There could hardly be a more symmetric meeting of minds, and a more inclusive

outcome. This year will see a working relationship between two of Sydney’s premier

psychological counselling groups vastly improve the accessibility and efficacy of

psychological counselling services, tailored to address the personal and

interpersonal problems faced by youth and parents. Watch this space for further

news of the collaboration between Kids & Co. and The Relationship Room, including

the prospective launch of a joint clinic in 2016, and look forward to a happy and

healthy year with your loved ones.

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