New Relationships

When you first start dating a new partner, you may be feeling cautious and guarded due to a past relationship that left you hurt. We can help you carry forward into this new partnership by deconstructing and unscripting the repetitive narrative and dynamic you play out in your relationships.

Working on your relationship in therapy in the preliminary stages of your connection seems counterintuitive because you may not have a particular issue perse. However, we believe it is a perfect time to access the window of change that presents itself, well before you are in a crisis.
Learning effective communication, learning about both you and your partners needs and learning about the dynamic at play allows the relationship to stay positive and harmonious. By creating small shifts and openly communicating, you will have the tools for a successful relationship that’s long lasting.
Having an open dialogue early on can alter negative interaction cycles you may develop later with your partner. Relationship counselling is intrinsically beneficial for all participants to learn resolution skills to sustain new and past relationships.