Fees and Medicare




GP Mental Health Care Plan for Individual Therapy  

GP REFERRAL & MHCP – For initial Psychologist sessions

• The GP mental health care plan is for 6 Psychologist visits.

• Maximum 10 rebated Psychologist visits allowed per year.

• GP review is required before the 7th Psychologist visit.


Psychologist reportTo GP after 6 visitsfor review.  Client can claim Medicare rebates for 6 MHCP visits


FIRST GP REVIEW – For further Psychologist sessions


• GP Review for more visits – 4 weeks after MHCP referral.

• Medicare confirm a standard review is for up to 6 more visits.

• But, only 4 more visits can be rebated in same year as MHCP.

• If still current, the 2 holdover visits can be rebated next year.



SECOND GP REVIEW – For further Psychologist sessions


• A 2nd GP Review can be done 3 months after the 1st Review

• Psychologist visits – still a maximum of 10 per calendar year.